Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Wine Tasting

It's Friday night and you are looking for some weekend wine. Let me share some wine tasting insight with you. Below are some different wines to try. 

1)  The 2010 O Pinot Noir by Gilles Louvet from the Languedoc region of France (approx. $20)

This wine is 100% Pinot noir. The wine is aged in concrete tanks for 12 months. The O sells for approximately $20 and has an understated elegance. The O Pinot contains enough spice and body to make this an enjoyable inexpensive wine. Gilles Louvet is an organic winemaker and has been making organic wine since 1993. WINERY WEBSITE 

2) The 2008 Six Sigma Cuvee from Lake County, Ca (approx. $18)

This is my first taste of a Lake County wine. Six Sigma focuses on small production, high quality wines. Sig Sigma hand sorts their grapes on a sorting belt and then ferments the wine in stainless steel tanks. The wines are then aged in oak barrels in the winery's cave. Six Sigma Winery is located south of Lower Lake in Lake County, Ca. Lake County is located north of Calistoga in Napa valley. It is a growing wine region and I hope to visit the winery this summer.  WINERY WEBSITE 

 3) 2007 DeLoach Forgotten Vines Zinfandel from Sonoma County, Ca (approx. $30)

DeLoach Vineyards is known for Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley. DeLoach was purchased in 2003 and is now run by the Boisset family from Burgundy, France. The Boisset family understands biodynamic wine making methods and started using this method at DeLoach. New vines were planted in 2006. The first vintage of DeLoach wine grown using biodynamic farming techniques will be the 2010 vintage.  WINERY WEBSITE 

Finally, I wold like to show some pictures from a weekend line-up of wines. My group of wine-oh friends brought a nice line-up of wines to share. 

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello fellow Wine-oh's! I am back and ready to get this blog really up and running. 

Last Sunday I had the privilege to attend the 15th annual Bern's Winefest. It was an amazing event for wine-oh's and foodies. I have a large post with tons of pictures to share with you. Here is just a small preview. 

Bern's 15th Winefest
Wine Auction at Bern's Winefest