Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday night dinner

I am posting pictures from two dinners that I made using mostly ingredients that can be found in Tuscany. First are pictures from the italian dinner that I made. I had garlic/herb infused artichokes and bruschetta with ripe tomatoes on tuscany garlic bread. That dinner was filled with garlic. Too much of it probably. lol We paired this with a 2005 Caparone Aglianico. Hearty red wine that goes great with italian food.

In the picture above is the garlic tuscan bread from Publix. (yes publix!!) And my mom's amazing bread cutter. I want one.

The other pictures are of a salmon dinner with grilled eggplant and salad. It was also pretty amazing. My mom made a nice shallot/butter saute on the salmon. This is probably more french than italian. We paired this with a 2007 Pahlmeyer chardonnay.

This chardonnay is totally amazing. I don't even like white wines that much and this knocked my Kinos (sandals) off. I know this chardonnay is not cheap, but it is worth the $50-70 splurge. (sells for different amounts at different places) This is the most expensive chardonnay that I have ever tried.

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