Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WINE-OH ACADEMY: Glühwein and Glögg

What is Glühwein?

It is a mulled red wine that is served warm around the winter holidays. It is popular in Germany and is a traditional drink during Christmas celebrations.

To make this you start with red wine and heat it with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, oranges, and sugar. You can use an inexpensive full bodied fruity wine to make this recipe. NOTE: Don't use a 2007 Napa Cab!! (that would be a sad use of a great wine)

How to make: This is great to do before a party because your house will smell wonderful.

1) Heat water (medium heat) in a pot with cinnamon and cloves (pushed into oranges) honey and sugar

2) Then pour in the wine

3) Then lower heat to simmer and let all ingredients simmer for an hour or more.

4) Serve in a heatproof glass.

This drink is also known as Glögg in the Nordic countries. Glogg can be non-alcoholic as well with fruit juice instead of wine.

This year when you are having a christmas party, why not bring some mulled wine/Gluhwein/or GLOGG!!

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