Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hall Winery (Napa)

Positives: Great 2006 Napa Cabernet which received a 94 point rating. This wine will most likely be included in the top 100 wines by Wine Spectator this year. (a little bird told me) Also very pretty tasting room that looks like a chic barn.

Negatives: I felt Hall's tasting room was the least friendly tasting room that I experienced during my two weeks California. Why? The vibes from the behind the counter staff were not great vibes. I don't know if we were being treated differently because we were two women or because the workers were just having a bad day. Not sure. Other people in the tasting room were being treated better and all those parties included men. (just saying.....) I also gave them a printed tasting coupon from the Internet. It was a 2 for 1 tasting coupon. Maybe people that bring coupons don't buy wine...I don't know the statistics. I just hope future visitors are treated with smiles and better attitudes.

I also got the vibe that the winery was more impressed with Kathryne Hall's accomplishments during the 1990's as an ambassador to Austria than they were with their 94 point Cabernet. Mrs. Hall used to be a corporate lawyer blah blah blah.....get over yourself!!

Back to the positives -- THEIR CAB IS AMAZING AND FOR $40 YOU SHOULD BUY IT. The winemaker deserves praise.

So that is my experience with Hall. It might not be yours...but wine experiences are always changing just like the grapes.

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