Saturday, November 13, 2010


This past summer we spent some time in Sonoma County. Our friend and wine rep, Stephen, helped set up a meeting with Bruce Walker. Bruce is one of the winemakers for Starry Night winery.
Check out the winery website by clicking here.

We met Bruce for lunch in downtown Healdsburg and then he took us to one of his Starry Night vineyards. We went to see the vineyard where the The Caboose and Nervo Station grapes are grown. I really enjoyed getting to meet and spend some time with Bruce. He possesses a large amount of wine business knowledge. Bruce used to be involved with the financial sector before he started making wine.

The Caboose vineyard actually has an old Caboose sitting at the top. The vineyard has a beautiful setting overlooking a valley. Here are some pictures from our visit to the vineyard.

Thanks again Bruce for taking us here and being such a hospitable host!! :) We enjoyed our bottle of Nervo Station Old Vine Zinfandel while sitting outside a cabin in Big Sur. We really enjoyed it and even some blue jays flew over to check it out.

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