Monday, December 14, 2009

Brisket Success

The hanukkah brisket turned out very well. We almost had a meltdown in the kitchen but all was well. I braised the meat in a new pan, and I think the pan no longer looks new. It got a little charred. :) Sorry mom.

We opened up a very nice bottle of wine to compliment our hanukkah brisket. It was Tobin James, James Gang Reserve Primitivo 2007.

This wine needs to sit open for a bit before you drink it. I suggest either putting it into a decanter or aerator. We have both but used the Vinturi (the wine aerator).
I'll have another post soon discussing aerators and decanters. For now just know that big bold wines need them to breath a bit. This Primitivo was a pretty big wine. It could have aged in the bottle for a few years and been just as good if not better. I tend to really like the different Tobin James wines. They have a lot of big reds.

Hope you are all getting ready for a fun and stress free holiday season. Tomorrow I'll be attending a Grape of the Night event. I'll be tasting many different wines that fellow wine-ohs bring. The Grape of the Night is usually one type of grape but tomorrow night it's bring "your favorite wine." Should be a good selection of all different kinds of wines. I'll post pictures of the event and show you my favorite wines.


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