Monday, December 14, 2009

Wine Spectator Top 100

For those of you very much interested in ranking your will like this. Wine Spectator recently came out with its top 100 wines of 2009.

I personally think rankings are important for the industry but they don't really mean that much to us fellow wine-ohs. I can enjoy a $15 bottle of wine just as much as a $60 sometimes.
Some expensive wines are worth the money. Some are not. I intend to share these subjective thoughts with you in the future of this blog. I'll point out some good expensive wines and some shabby expensive wines.

I do commend Wine Spectator for being more user friendly this year. The #1 wine is only $27. Even Wine Spectator must take into consideration these poor economic times. It would be pretty snooty of them to have a $100 bottle of wine as #1 wouldn't it?

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