Thursday, February 24, 2011


Our first island visit was to the nature island of Dominica. The island is still being formed by volcanic activity. While on the island we saw lush rainforests, tons of tropical plants, goats, and boiling springs. Dominica has been an independent nation since 1978. That isn't very long.

We met a nice tour guide names Alwin who took us on a 2-3 hour tour of the island. He took us up into the rainforest to see Trafalgar Falls and the natural springs. We also went up to an outlook point where you could see most of the island. Alwin was an excellent tour guide with a very nice tour bus. I would recommend anyone visiting this island to find Alwin. I will post his email later.

The picture below shows just how large the falls were. You can see how tiny the man looks.
The hot springs. You don't go swimming in this one. (you would be cooked)
Pretty picture of Roseau, Dominica.
Enjoying my Kubuli from a scenic spot. Those beers are awesome. Hope the World of Beer carries this in Viera.
Windsurf from a distance
A picture of trafalgar falls

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