Monday, July 18, 2011

Carmel food and wine

Below are some food and wine pictures from the Carmel area of California.

Artichoke appetizer at Nepenthe. I love all the fresh artichokes!!
Cheese Shop in Carmel. My favorite was the Cotswold Cheddar with chives and onions.
That is one large pretzel! We paired this with a wine we purchased at the Cheese Shop.
We paired this Lucy rose with our lunch at Nepenthe. Lucia Vineyards makes the Lucy rose. This is a rose made from pinot noir skins. One dollar of every bottle sold is donated to breast cancer research.

I also tried a glass of the 09 Lucia Pinot Noir from Garys Vineyard. This was a very nice pinot noir! I am not even a huge pinot fan and this made me want a second glass. I heard Nepenthe is the only place that sells this pinot by the glass. (lucky me!)

We also tried this 2008 barrel selected Cabernet Sauvignon from Chateau Julien. It is made in Monterey County. This was a nice wine to pair with our dinner at Forge in the Forest in Carmel.

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