Saturday, July 23, 2011

Live Wine Blogging: Red Wines

Jefferson Vineyards
Wine by Andy Reagan
2005 Petit Verdot Reserve
This was in flavor magazine.
$45 a bottle
only 7 cases of this left
made 60 cases of this
super mild -- something like pork tenderloin
has some spice to this and best petit verdot I have tried all weekend.
I would totally buy this wine.

From Keswick vineyards
2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
Has some merlot in this as well.
Unfined and Unfiltered wine
Pairs well with grilled meats and should be decanted because it will have sediment as it is unfined and unfiltered.
Sold out of this wine
$34.59 was the price


From Sonoma County
2007 Talisman Pinot Noir
Winemakers met at Robert Mondavi and married
Make pinot noirs
make about 2,000 cases
Talisman has been around since around 2000
Sells for $46

2006 Pinotage (typically a south african varietal)only a few making this varietal in new zealand and canada
2,00 cases a year
2006 was a cooler vintage on the east coast
winery located in lovingston, virginia
half an hour south of charlottesville
sells for $24

Tabarrini 2004 Montefalco sagrantino
my mom just got kissed by the winemaker
for lamb, wild boar, deer
going to be at B-21 in Florida in October, friends with bob

WINE # 6
Williamsburg Winery
2007 Cab Franc
Retails for $32
Named for the Trianon de Porcelaine at Versailles.
Winemaker by Matthew Meyer
18 months in all types of oak (french, american, hungarian)

Kings Estate in Oregon
2008 Pinot Noir
92 points by Wine Spectator
Produce 1200 barrels a year of estate pinot noir and only 60 goes into this blend
all organic and largest continuous vineyard
sells for $60

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
Cornerstone/Stepping Stone in napa valley and williamette valley
Alcohol 14.9%
Sells for $75
Tasting room in Yountville

organically grown grapes
Paso Robles, Ca
$12.99 for a litre
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
French Camp Vineyard
Winemaker is heather
Distribution --> in whole foods and co opts -- in publix in florida
WINE #10
Clif Family Winery
The Climber
Cabernet Sauvignon from California -- comes in 1.5 L
Fruit from central coast -- Napa/Sonoma
if camping -- you could blow it up and use it as a pillow
Sells for $17
Wine is non vintage
Same as a magnum and can stay for 3 months

WINE #11
2008 Centine Toscana from Banfi winery
20% cab 20% merlot and 60%sangiovese
sells for $10
distributed all over the country, including Florida

WINE #12
2008 Pinot Noir from WillaKenzie Estate in Oregon
retails for $41
distributed nationwide

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