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Mollydooker Wines

Last fall I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with Sparky Marquis, the winemaker for Mollydooker wines, at the JW Marriott in Orlando, FL. I haven't posted the pictures from this event and wanted to share them with you. Sparky and his wife, Sarah, have been making wine in Australia for many years now. In 1999 they were Australia's winemakers of the year. Mollydooker wines have received numerous accolades and high ratings over the years.  Mollydooker is Aussie for left-handed, because both Sparky and Sarah are left-handed. The winery is located in McLaren Vale area of Australia. 

Before we entered the main dining room, we had the 2010 Violinist ($25). This wine is made from the Verdehlo grape. This grape is normally used in Portugal and associated with the island of Madeira. The grape also grows well in Australia. This vintage was given 90 points by Wine Advocate. This is Mollydooker's only white wine and it was amazing. I just thought it was refreshing, light, and lovely. 

Next, we entered the main room for dinner and a wine blending seminar. The event started with a talk by Sparky Marquis and his mother. They discussed the history of Mollydooker wines and how to do the Mollydooker shake. This shake is for people to use so that Mollydooker wines can drink well when opened at a young age. This shake is not meant for the The Violinist, The Sparkling Shiraz, or for wines older than 2 years old. The shake releases nitrogen gas which is stored in the wine to protect it from oxygen so the amount of sulphites in the wine is reduced. The nitrogen tends to flatten the fruit flavor of young wines. Shaking the wine releases the nitrogen. You can watch the video HERE to see how to properly execute the Mollydooker shake. 

We had a blending seminar before dinner. We blended the Boxer (Shiraz), Maitre D (Cabernet), and the Scooter(Merlot). Sparky explained that this is how he creates the Two Left Feet wine. This wine is a blend of the Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot. He tweaks the blend of this wine each year. This was a fun experience where we had a beaker and tried to create the best "Two Left Feet" wine at the table. 

Sparky Marquis

Wines that we tried to blend
 Finally, we were given a tasting of all the BIG Mollydooker wines. We had the Gigglepot, Blue Eyed Boy, Enchanted Path, Carnival of Love, and Velvet Glove. These wines were paired with an amazing filet mignon. All of these wines are very big and need to be paired with a big and bold piece of meat. 

Filet that paired with Mollydooker wines
Sparky holding the Velvet Glove

creme brûlée dessert 
Today, Mollydooker wines consist of: 

  • 2010 The Maitre D $25 -- Cabernet Sauvignon (90 points by Wine Advocate, WA)
  • 2010 The Two Left Feet $25 -- Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Blend (90 points by WA and Wine Spectator, WS)
  • 2010 The Scooter $25 -- Merlot (90 points by WA)
  • 2010 The Boxer $25 -- Shiraz (91 points by WA) 
  • 2010 Miss Molly $25 -- Sparkling Shiraz. This wine is the girlfriend of The Boxer. 
  • 2010 Gigglepot $49-- Cabernet Sauvignon. (92 points WA, 91 points WS)
  • 2010 Blue Eyed Boy $49 -- Shiraz. (93 p0ints WA, 91 points WS)
  • 2010 Enchanted Path $90 -- Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon. (94 points WA, 93 points WS)
  • 2010 Carnival of Love $90 -- Shiraz. (95 points WA, 94 points WS)
  • 2010 Velvet Glove $185 -- Shiraz. ( 97 points WA, 96 points WS)
The evening was really fun and very memorable. It isn't every day that Sparky Marquis is in Orlando to share all his amazing wines. 

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  1. Hey Mara,
    Thanks so much for the great blog post. That night in Orlando was one of our favorite nights on the whole trip! Hope to see you again soon.

    Krissy Miller
    Marketing Coordinator
    Mollydooker Wines