Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bucket List

I know most people have some sort of bucket list written down or in their head. Mine doesn't involve jumping off buildings or riding in fast cars. My list consists of taking vacations to different countries, hotels, restaurants and vineyards. It would also involve trying some incredible wine along the way!! :)

This is the beginning of my list for future places I want to visit. When I do visit somewhere on this list, I'll definitely be blogging about it.

ASHFORD CASTLE in Cong Mayo Ireland
Picture from Ashford Castle website

History: This castle dates back to 1228 when the Anglo-Norman de Burgo family built this castle in the province. The castle changed hands a few times and in 1852 Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness extends the estate to 26,000 acres. In 1970 the castle is bought by John A. Mulcahy who restores the grounds and continues to expand the grounds. In 1985 a group of Irish American investors purchase Ashford. This castle is now rated among the best hotels in Europe.

Travel and Leisure magazine ranked this hotel as the 9th best resort in Europe for 2010. The grounds look absolutely stunning. Some of the estate activities include: lake cruising, fishing, falconry, and equestrian and archery centers.

If you would like to know more about this hotel, then click HERE.

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