Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wine Review: 2006 Folie á Deux Zinfandel

Today I am reviewing the 2006 Folie á Deux Amador County Zinfandel. I will first post what the winery says about the wine and then my thoughts.

A bit about the winery: The winery that makes the Folie á Deux wines also produces the Ménage á Trois wines. The French term Folie á Deux means "shared fantasies," and Folie á Deux winery crafts Zinfandels from old vines in Amador County.

I tasted the 2006 vintage. The winery tasting notes are as follows:
" Soft and smooth, this Zinfandel offers aromas of plum and cherry with just a hint of pepper and spice. The wine is an ideal pour with almost any meant entree, from haute cuisine to barbeque."

My Thoughts: The color of the wine was a lighter red/purple. The clarity of the wine seemed a bit dull and there was no sediment. Zinfandels are not usually meant to be stored for long periods of time so I felt it was better to drink this now rather than store it longer.

The nose had hints of clove and spices. I actually picked up a gingerbread smell. The taste of the wine was rounded with a bit of tannins. (I think the tannins would have been less if consumed earlier)

The wine had a medium body with a lingering taste of spice. I love when there is some spice to a Zinfandel. It gives it an edge and sexy vibe.

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