Monday, January 24, 2011

Pahlmeyer Winery

I'm attending a Pahlmeyer wine dinner tomorrow night at Silvestro's in Cocoa Beach. Erin Green, the winemaker, will be at this dinner! I thought as a prelude to this event I should do some research on the winery and its wines.

In 1972 Jayson Pahlmeyer was finishing law school and working on developing wine. He made many trips to France with his friend John Caldwell. They brought back Bordeaux cuttings to use in their wine making process. The friends planted their vines in the Coombsville area. It took them six years to produce their first commercial harvest.

Another friend, Randy Dunn, became the winemaker until 1993. Robert Parker gave the 1986 vintage 94 points. (This was the Pahlmeyer Red Table Wine)

Bob Levy, the current winemaker at Harlan Estate, produced the first Pahlmeyer Chardonnay. The Pahlmeyer 1991 Chardonnay was even featured in the movie "Disclosure" with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore.

Helen Turley took over as winemaker after Dunn left. She has become a force in the winemaking industry and opened many doors to women.

When low yields were happening Jayson Pahlmeyer knew he needed to plant an estate vineyard. This lead to the opening of Pahlmeyer's Waters Ranch and Wayfarer Farm.

In 1999 Jayson promoted Erin Green to Winemaker. She learned many of her talents from Helen Turley but has been familiar with Pahlmeyer's fruit since 1993. Robert Parker has called Erin Green an "exuberant winemaker."

Michel Rolland travels three times a year from France to work with Erin on making the best Pahlmeyer blends.

This history, short as it may be, shows why Pahlmeyer has succeeded and will continue to be a force in the wine industry for years to come.

The Wines:
There are the Jayson Wines and Pahlmeyer Wines. I will be tasting the wines in bold.

Jayson Chardonnay
Jayson Pinot Noir
Jayson Red.

Chardonnay Napa Valley
Chardonnay Sonoma Coast
Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
Merlot Napa Valley
Proprietary Red Napa Valley

If you wish to read more about the winery and its wines CLICK HERE.

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