Friday, March 4, 2011


Below are links to wine news. Check out some of the latest wine news.

NOTE: Relating to the first news story --> I have known this since I was in 5th grade. This was my 5th grade science project. I played classical music to plants in one room for an entire month and rock music to plants in another room for a month. The plants in the room with classical music grew taller and survived. The plants in the rock room were wilting and died. I should have invented this....damn. lol

(Tisk Tisk)

(I agree, but I don't want it turning into another Napa) (Grrrr)

(Do the match the label artwork with the wine name game) I got them all on the first try. I didn't win anything except the ability to post my awesome marsupial label power on facebook. Lame.

I am going to a 2007 Napa Cab tasting tonight. It'll be interesting. I like the Turn 4 2007 Cab....really nice. It is made by Bennett Lane winery. That is what we are taking to the event.

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