Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Martin

Tuesday we arrived at the island of St. Martin. The island is divided between France and the Netherlands.

The ship opened the back of the ship (marina) while we were anchored. I immediately went out and enjoyed swimming around. They had a huge mat for us lazy folks. :) You can't see it because it is behind the giant slide/trampoline. I really liked this part of the ship. You can't do this on the larger cruise ships. They have those giant rock walls.

Below are two pictures of the island. We were tendered onto the French side. I visited this island about 2 years ago on a Celebrity cruise. It seems as if it has gone downhill. Many of the businesses were closed and many shops vacant. I did enjoy the local market and purchased a pretty dress.
The sunset was once again amazing. I enjoy putting the wine into the pictures. lol
Chef Eric had a food and wine pairing. I could go for some of that right now.

I kept the daily schedule...so these were the wines we were enjoying on that day:
* Syrah, Silver Reserve
* Refosco, James Gang Reserve
* Sangiovese, Primo
* Tempernio, James Gang Reserve
* Sauvignon Blanc, Sundance
* Chardonnay, Radiance
* Syrah Rose, Paradise

That night we decided to try the outdoor restaurant called Candles. We went with Penny and Debby. It was perfect because we were still in port and you could see all the lights of Marigot. They had a large grill outside grilling all kinds of seafood/meats. I had the lamb chops.....sooooo good. The pictures are below. I was hoping someone would just come out and sit in the hot tub while we were eating. lol It didn't happen.

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